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Sweater Up! It’s Time for Cooler Weather!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now that the dog days of summer are at an end, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of fall. Changing leaves coupled with cool, crisp days make fall one of the best times of the year. Of course, it is also time to think about your wardrobe change, and what you need to prepare for those cooler evenings as we roll into winter. One of the consummate clothing items for fall and winter is a sweater. Sweaters are fashionable, practical and frankly, look fabulous!

When you start thinking about how long your sweaters have been out of commission for summer, it certainly makes you think about making sure they are clean and fresh for the season. There are plenty of opinions on how to handle cleaning sweaters; particularly whether or not to dry clean them. Following are some tips to consider when deciding how to get your sweaters ready for fall:

  • Read the label - If the label recommends dry cleaning, then typically the fabric will respond better to that process. You will lengthen the life of your sweater while ensuring it keeps it shape.
  • Are there spots? – If the sweater was inadvertently stored with a spot or two, then getting some professional help may be the only way to get that spot removed without ruining the color or fabric of your sweater.
  • Sweater fabric – Sweaters come in all styles, shapes and fabrics. Thicker sweaters are more difficult to wash and dry on your own. Plus putting them in the washer or hand washing and wringing out can ruin their shape. Thicker sweaters deserve a little more care, so dry cleaning may be a good option.

Picking the Right Dry Cleaner

You want to select the right dry cleaner to handle your garments, and sweaters are certainly no option. Before dropping off your favorite sweaters at any dry cleaner, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do you frequently handle designer or specialized fabrics? Make sure that the staff is good at reading the label directions and has the savvy to work with high-end designer labels.
  • Do you provide small repairs and alterations for my sweater? If you want to look your best, the dry cleaner should help you do so. Ask if minor alterations can be made so you can get your sweater into tip-top shape.
  • Can you wet wash my sweater rather than dry clean it? It’s nice to have options, especially if you have a thick sweater that should not be dry cleaned.
  • How can I be sure you will not stretch my sweater? Good dry cleaners have specialized equipment to handle everything from the thickest to the most delicate sweaters. Make sure your dry cleaner will safely handle your sweaters.

Take the worry out of getting your sweaters cleaned and ready by using a premier dry cleaning service. Bibbentuckers can handle all your sweater needs and ensure that you get a beautiful garment when we are done. 

For more information, visit your local Bibbentuckers or visit our website at

You Are Ready for Summer, But Is Your Wardrobe?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer is officially here, and with it, all the fun outdoor events. Unfortunately, you cannot wear your swimsuits and flip flops every day. There are times that you need to look  polished and professional, or chic and  polished for that big event.

Whether you have been working hard to have that swimsuit body, or you need to adjust a few items in your closet for a better fit, you know you can save money by having your items professionally altered. The next decision you must make is where to take your clothes, particularly those expensive, designer-label items, to ensure the alterations are done correctly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take them somewhere you already go, like your dry cleaners?

While having your dry cleaners perform alterations for you may save time, you will want to ask the following questions:

• Do they have professionals on staff?
• Do they understand how to handle and care for your expensive items?
• Do they provide full alterations or just an occasional button or hem?

At Bibbentuckers, we have full service alterations performed by our in-house professional alterations team. Our team handles more than buttons and hems. You can have your clothes altered and either pressed or cleaned and ready to go, all in one quick stop.

So, as you are sorting through your closet deciding what pieces you want to wear this summer, remember that you can come to us, your professional dry cleaners, and have your items altered by one of our remarkable alterations team.

Don’t need alterations? We also provide a press-only service that will have you in your summer clothes looking crisp, clean and ready to go.

Bibbentuckers provides both full-service dry cleaning and professional alterations. Our team receives thorough training to learn how to clean and alter your designer label items as well as to understand the nuances of cleaning, pressing and altering your best clothes. To learn more, please visit our website at

Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget Your Winter Clothes

Friday, June 03, 2011
The weather is warm, the trees are green, and it’s time to put your summer wardrobe front and center. But what about those winter clothes? When you are switching out your clothes, remember that the key to maintaining your winter wardrobe is to have items professionally cleaned and stored properly. What does that entail?

 First, make sure that your dry cleaner has knowledge of the various fabric cleaning requirements. You don’t want to trust your expensive winter clothing to just anyone. Second, make sure you have an option to store the clothing in appropriate bags. Choosing to store your winter clothes in the garment film bags typically provided can be disastrous. Why?

 Standard garment film bags used by dry cleaners contain the anti-oxidant butylated hydroxyl tolune (BHT). When BHT comes in contact with impurities in the air and then meets the moisture in your clothes, it can form a yellow stain that will transfer to the fabric. Choosing to leave them in the standard bags can cause mildew and staining. Therefore, you should remove your clothing from the garment film and dispose of them properly, such as through our recycling program.

 So what options do you have when you want to store clothing for a season? Bibbentuckers utilizes specialty bags that are designed for storing garments. These bags do not trap moisture, do not contain BHT, and also repel moths, ensuring your winter clothes are safe for storing until you are ready to use them again.

 Also, if you need to dispose of hangers or boxes, we provide recycling for these items in addition to the standard dry cleaning bags. We are dedicated to providing recycling services to honor our clients with the same commitment. In addition to reusing all the hangers that are brought in through our program, we donate all cardboard boxes to Treehugger Boxes and are an active participant in the
FabriClean Supply Poly Recycling Program, which allows us to take 100% of the garment film we collect to be recycled into other plastic products.

 Every ton of garment film collected helps save the equivalent of:
• 17 trees
• 380 gallons of oil
• 7000 gallons of water
• 4100 kilowatt hours of energy
• 89 cubic feet of landfill space

 When you decide to organize your closet space and store your winter clothes, remember Bibbentuckers. We are dedicated to ensuring your garments are stored properly so that they are ready to wear in the “next” winter. Furthermore, we provide recycling programs that support earth-friendly practices and give you a green option for disposing of extra hangers, boxes and garment film. To learn more, please visit our website at

Preventing Static Cling on Your Clothes

Monday, March 14, 2011
We get asked all the time how you can prevent static cling in your clothes. Everyone thinks dryer sheets help - but did you know removing the plastic from your dry cleaning can help?

Check out this article from Shine! from Yahoo