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Custom Tailoring and Alteration Services

Your wardrobe says a lot about you. The style, the quality of fabric and how your clothing fits all contribute to the way you are perceived by others. Building a wardrobe takes time, attention and resources – you might say your clothing is an investment.

Why not make sure your investment is doing the most it can for you? Start by having your clothing custom-tailored by Bibbentuckers for a perfect fit. Meet Bibbentuckers' professional tailors who are at your service:

Lucy Jeon

Lucy Jeon is based at Bibbentuckers Preston-Forest store and brings decades of experience with a variety of custom clothing and alterations projects. She considers herself a specialist in ladies’ clothing.

I think it’s important to advise our customers on what will make them look their best,” says Lucy. “I look at their entire body and how certain fabrics will hang. It’s very important to be sure clothing fits properly and is flattering to the body.

Roxana Smiley

Based at Bibbentuckers Uptown store, Roxana has been sewing since age 12 and graduated from fashion design school. In addition to tailoring, she also creates original designs, especially wedding dresses and evening gowns. Among her most memorable projects? 1) Rapid alterations for a local TV reporter whose bridesmaid dress didn’t fit; 2) Altering the legs of several pairs of jeans for a client facing 6 months in a leg cast; 3) Modifying dozens of vests for the Dallas Police Department in preparation for the funerals of the five officers murdered in July 2016.

I love my customers and what I do,” says Roxana. “I especially like creating something new and helping people with special challenges they think can’t be solved.

Sonia Stice

Sonia Stice is based at Bibbentuckers Snider Plaza store and brings 25 years of experience. She has done alterations for a number of well-known local retailers, including Neiman Marcus, Victor Costa and JC Penney. In addition to working on standard hems and buttons, she works with even the most challenging fabrics and has an eye for style.

Sometimes a woman will bring me a dress she has decided almost can’t be fixed,” says Stice. “After I custom-tailor it, she says, ‘I can’t believe how good this looks -- now I love this dress!’

Bibbentuckers takes pride in our team of expert tailors who like to solve problems and help our customers feel good about how they look. Let them customize your favorite pieces.

Then let our cleaning and laundry experts continue to take good care of your clothing so you can continue to look your best.

To learn more about Concierge service tailor-made for your busy lifestyle, visit any Bibbentuckers store, or learn more about it here: https://www.bibbentuckers.com/dry-cleaning-services/

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