As a customer, if you had to choose only one reason to be loyal to a dry cleaner, would you opt for a) quality, b) convenience, or c) friendly service? What if you had an option d) and could have all of the above?

Jennifer Patterson - Loyal Bibbentuckers Customer

Jennifer Patterson – Loyal Bibbentuckers Customer

For many Bibbentuckers customers, it’s the “all of the above” combination that keeps them coming back week after week, month after month, year after year.

Loyal Customers Make The Difference

Then, some customers point to the warm, friendly service they experience at Bibbentuckers. Take Jennifer Patterson, who has been bringing her clothes to Bibbentuckers for nearly a decade. “I come into the Snider Plaza store once a week, every week,” says Patterson. “I love the ladies here. They know my name. My car is recognized and they wave. They always greet me and take good care of me. I view them as friends; in fact, I usually bring them little gifts for the holidays.”

Others say it’s the convenience that makes them loyal Bibbentuckers customers. “We first started using Bibbentuckers years ago,” says Peggy Millheiser, who with her husband, Dave, runs the Millheiser Group at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. “Driving around the Park Cities and North Dallas, we would see these bright blue bags sitting on people’s porches. Once we found out they were for Bibbentuckers, my husband and I were hooked. We use the Pickup & delivery service almost exclusively, although the Preston-Forest store has come to our rescue a couple of times when we were in a last-minute bind.”

Still, others say it’s Bibbentuckers’ unparalleled quality. One customer who moved to South Dakota continues to ship his clothes to Dallas to be cared for by Bibbentuckers. “I can’t trust anyone else to take care of my clothes,” he says. Bibbentuckers hand-wraps each button on his Zegna shirts and carefully packs and ships the freshly cleaned clothes back to him. (His daughter lives in Uptown and is a loyal customer at Bibbentucker’s Lemmon store.)

Quality and Friendly Service Keep Clients Coming Back

Millheisers - Loyal Bibbentuckers Customers

Peggy and Dave Millheiser – Loyal Bibbentuckers Delivery Customers

Although convenience was what initially attracted them to Bibbentuckers, Millheiser agrees that quality and friendly service are an important part of what keeps them loyal. “We tried other places, but my husband is picky. I love my clothes and view them as an investment that should be properly cared for.”

Bibbentuckers thanks our longtime customers for their loyalty and friendship. Furthermore, as we enter our third decade of serving thousands of North Texans, we look forward to delivering continued quality and convenience and even better service.

Finally, we thank you for trusting Bibbentuckers to help you look your best.