Bibbentuckers Kicks off 20th Anniversary Celebration

20th Anniversary

Employee Recognition – Anniversary Celebration

Our 20th Anniversary celebrated the fiber that makes Bibbentuckers great — our employees.  Bibbentuckers first opened its doors in 1996 because the founders thought that Dallas needed better cleaners.  At that time, the mission was to provide high-quality dry cleaning and laundry services.  In the beginning, the leadership recognized that it had to hire high-quality employees committed to delivering outstanding service. Bibbentuckers has accomplished this goal, and hence, kicked off their 20th anniversary by celebrating its staff members.

Today, some of the dedicated employees who began their Bibbentuckers careers nearly two decades ago still work at Bibbentuckers.  Finally, these employees continue to provide the same quality service and dedication that has kept Bibbentuckers customers looking their best for more than twenty years.

Bibbentuckers applauds and thanks our team members for 20+ years of service.

Not pictured: Our appreciation to Preston Hollow team members Alma Casas and Candelaria Pineda for their loyal and longtime service to Bibbentuckers customers.




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