Frequently Asked Questions

Bibbentuckers Questions?

1. How do I sign up for the FREE Delivery Service? How will I be billed?

You can go online to to sign up. Or you can call 214-267-8500. Upon placing a credit card on file, you will have an option to be charged weekly or monthly.  We are happy to answer any and all questions about our FREE Delivery Service.

2. How long has your delivery service been around and is it secure and safe?
Our delivery service has been available in the Dallas area for 20 years (1996). We have thousands of active Bibbentuckers’ delivery customers in the DFW Metroplex. We are happy to provide several references for you if needed.
3. Does the Route Manager (RM) decide where the clothes will be left when returned?
You and your RM will agree where the best location will be for placement (a hook) in the front or back door area. Some customers provide the code to the garage or house. We are proud of our historical record for delivery. In the past 20 years, only one order has gone missing, which was an order that a kind neighbor picked-up because the homeowner was out of town. Days later the homeowner got his cleaning.
4. Do you help remind me when to leave my cleaning bag on the porch?
Bibbentuckers has an email reminder service. The reminders are sent the night before your next scheduled pick-up day.
5. What should I do if I will be out-of-town?
Most customers call their RM and tell them the dates they will be gone to ensure no delivery is made in their absence.
6. What do I do if I need another shoe bag, run out of stain stickers or have a rug to be picked up?
Call your RM and request that he/she leave you another shoe bag, stain stickers, and is provided with the size of rug to pick up. Your RM can also provide a turnaround time for items that take longer to be cleaned — rugs or leathers.
7. Your website and marketing materials speak about recycling and being eco-friendly. How do I participate with Delivery?
You can put your used plastic bags and completely filled hanger caddy in the blue delivery bag for pick up. Your Route Manager will take care of the rest and bring back a new hanger caddy.
8. If I like the service, do you offer any incentives to refer my neighbors, friends or family?
Absolutely. You receive a $25 credit on your account for each new referral you send us who signs up and places 3 orders.
9. How do I change my delivery preferences (for example if I prefer to have my clothing folded for an upcoming trip)?
Please call or send a message to your Route Manager, or call your friendly Customer Service Representative. Our stores are:

Dallas: Uptown / Midtown

3501-E McKinney Avenue

Dallas, TX 75204


Mike Wilson , General Manager

Southlake / Westlake

2301 W. Southlake Blvd. Suite 100

Southlake, TX 76092


Diana Griggs, General Manager

Dallas: Preston Center

4033 Northwest Parkway

Dallas, TX 75225


Mike Wilson, General Manager

Dallas: Preston Hollow

11741 Preston Road

Dallas, TX 75230


Mike Wilson, General Manager

Park Cities

6817 Hillcrest Avenue

Dallas, TX 75205


Mike Wilson, General Manager

Plano / Frisco

1913 Preston Road #150

Plano, TX 75093


Marianna Vazquez, General Manager

10. What do I do if my items have missing buttons, need repair, or require special treatment?
Communicate with your Route Manager or write a note and attach it to the item. Your clothes/items are carefully reviewed after arriving at the store. A Customer Service Representative will call you if there is an issue.
11. Why does Bibbentuckers need my cell number and email address on file?
Often customers will unknowingly leave their valuables (wallet, cash, credit cards, ID) in their garments. If this happens Bibbentuckers would need to contact the customer a.s.a.p. In addition, Bibbentuckers often contacts the customer if there is a special garment care situation that arises.
12. Is there a minimum amount of clothes I must send each time?
Unlike other couture cleaners, Bibbentuckers does not require monthly minimums. Most delivery customers spend an average of $75-100 per month. Therefore, it is more economical for Bibbentuckers to visit each delivery customer approximately 8 times per month.
13. What happens if my delivery day is on a holiday?
Bibbentuckers sends out holiday schedules in advance, so pick-up and delivery dates are clear and expected.
14. What time will my driver arrive to pick-up or deliver?
The usual time is 8am-5pm, unless there is inclement weather.

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