Free Pickup and Delivery

free delivery juggle - Did You Know Bibbentuckers Offers Free Delivery?The polished professional, the stylish soccer mom, the chic young adult – whoever you are, you always look sharp. No unsightly wrinkles or stains on your clothing. Taking care of yourself means ensuring you always have clean clothing available to throw together your favorite look. The upside? You always look good. The downside? Keeping up with laundry and dry cleaning.

The busier you are, the more likely that tasks are pushed off – like dropping off your dry cleaning. At Bibbentuckers, we understand how the little things like having your favorite outfit clean and ready to go, provides peace of mind. We also know how busy your life is, and we kept it in mind when we created our delivery service.

You want the convenience that does not cost you more for the sake of “convenience.” At Bibbentuckers, we put a lot of thought into what you need in a premier dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. Here is what we realized our customers really want to make their lives easier:

  • Pickup and delivery at a pre-designated location, such as the back porch or garage entrance.
  • Concierge pickup and delivery at your office or high-rise residence.
  • Professional service with consistent pickup and drop-off times.

Perfect! We can do that easily at Bibbentuckers.

Bibbentuckers Common Sense

There are things our competitors do that we don’t feel is right for our customers. For example, at Bibbentuckers we have:

  • No extra delivery charge – you pay one price whether you drop off or we pick up.
  • No tiered pricing – we see other establishments charging a different amount for delivery services. Not at Bibbentuckers. The price is the price – walk-in or drop-off – period.
  • No limits – you can have us pick up one item or multiple items.

We have our pickup and delivery routes already running smoothly, so please contact us to find out if we are going to be in your neighborhood or area of business soon.

You want to look good, but you don’t have to be inconvenienced to do so. Enjoy our Pickup and Delivery Service!

Contact Bibbentuckers and let us make it easy on you!