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Fur Dry Cleaning Prices

Price List of the Most Commonly Cleaned, Stored, & Repaired Fur Items.

The following sets forth Bibbentuckers’ prices of the most commonly cleaned, stored, and repaired fur items. All fur garments are stored and repaired in our off-site climate controlled facility. Bibbentuckers is happy to price any item prior to cleaning or repair.

Cleaning, Condition, & Glazing

Regular coats, jackets, & stoles$ 75.00 and up
Reversible with fur, shearlings, or lined fur$ 85.00 and up

Annual Storage

$ 60.00

Repair Relining

Stole$ 200.00
Jacket$ 275.00
¾ Coat French Hem$ 300.00
¾ Coat Closed Hem$ 275.00
Coat French Hem$ 300.00
Coat Closed Hem$ 325.00

Repair Pockets

Velvet Pocket$ 55.00/each
Silk Pocket$ 50.00/each
Move Pocket Slit – Fur Only$ 70.00/set
Move Patch Pocket$ 70.00/each
New Glove Pocket$ 60.00/each
Tighten Pocket Corners$ 40.00/each
Tighten Pocket Seams$ 3.00/each
Trim Pocket$ 70-$ 105/each


Remove$ 40.00
Add$ 40.00
On Pocket or Ribbon$ 50.00

Repair Shoulders

Lengthen Drop Turn Up$ 90.00
Shorten With Cuffs$ 90.00
Shorten Without Cuffs$ 70.00
Trim Sleeve$ 120.00/set
Adjust or Remove Elastic$ 60.00
Elastic Sleeve Edge$ 60.00/each
New Windbreakers$ 90.00/set
Shoulder Pads$ 60.00/set


Repair Body

Shorten French Hem$ 155.00
Shorten Closed Hem$ 140.00
Lengthen French Drop Turn Up$ 205.00
Lengthen Closed Drop Turn Up$ 180.00 - $ 220.00
Trim Hem$ 270.00
Trim Front Facing$ 270.00
Trim Front Facing Partial$ 130.00 - $ 195.00
Reduce Neckline$ 270.00 - $470.00
Fur Rip – 10 Inches$ 100.00
Reduce Shoulder Line$ 370.00 - $1,015.00
Replace Worn Out Sleeves Lining$ 70.00/each
Turn Hem$ 75.00
Tighten Label$ 30.00
Re-Tack Lining$ 130.00
Ruching$ 45.00
Underarm Shields$ 70.00/set
Center Back Tack$ 35.00
Swing Back$ 37.00/each
Silk Kick Border French Hem$ 95.00

Repair Closure

Fur Button & Elastic Loop$34.00
American Hook, Ring, Eye-Tighten$18.00/each
American Hook, Ring, New$20.00/each
European Hook, Ring, Eye-Tighten$20.00/each
European Hook, Ring, Eye-New$24.00/each
Reverse Hook & Elastic Loop$30.00/each
Button & Loop$30.00/set
Replace or Add Loop$20.00/each
Tighten or Move Button$18.00/each
Buttonhole – Fur Only$28.00/each
Close Existing Buttonhole – Fur Only$28.00/each
Inside Tie Belt & Loop$38.00/each
Tighten Buttonhole on Microfiber$20.00/each

Repair Collars

New Stays$ 60.00/set
Tighten Seam$ 26.00


Bibbentuckers also specializes in handling formal wear, wedding gowns, tuxedos, couture, children’s clothing, antique clothing, shoes, leather goods, alterations, fur, and household items such as bedding and linens.

Thank you for choosing Bibbentuckers!

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