Dry Cleaning Pricing

Dry Cleaning Pricing plays an important part in choosing a cleaner, but other factors need consideration when picking a Cleaners to care for your clothes. 

Although the cost of dry cleaning and laundry causes many to choose the least expensive, consumers should look beyond pricing.  Low prices are certainly convincing and cause decision making, but cost by itself should not dictate the final decision. 

“You get what you pay for” is a cliché that resonates in making decisions in life to include dry cleaning.  For good reason, this phrase is true more often than not.

There are reasons to choose a high-end couture dry cleaner for your valuable clothes. Just a few of the reasons include peace of mind, quality, convenience, and knowledge. However, the more important reasons to be considered are to prevent the follows:

  • Over washing clothing
  • Overusing the dryer
  • Poor ironing
  • Missing small clothing maintenance issues 
  • Stains that are not removed 

Value and cost are not the same.  Bibbentuckers proves this concept each and every day by cleaning clothes the right way and striving for perfection. 

Finally, Bibbentuckers works hard to make its customers have the best cleaning experience in the Dallas area. Why don’t you give us a try?