Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

Looking for the Best Cleaners in the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex?

Our customers have come to expect the ultimate dry cleaning and laundry services from Bibbentuckers. We provide environmentally safe dry cleaning and laundry services. In addition, we hand-finish all garments to keep them looking like new. We take pride by making our customers delighted with their Dry Cleaning and laundry experience, and our customers keep coming back -- because they know we truly care about protecting their valuable clothing and are the best cleaners in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Bibbertuckers Quality

Bibbentuckers has a 10-point quality inspection that includes replacement of buttons & minor repairs.

Our laundry service keeps your shirts clean, crisp, and bright. We hand finish all collars, cuffs, and plackets. We replace broken or missing buttons at no extra charge.

Bibbentuckers Customer Service

FREE Pick-up & Delivery Service with no additional costs or fees.

Bibbentuckers Expertise/Peace of Mind

Rest easy: Our employees are experts and have extensive experience and industry knowledge in cleaning and garment care. We stand behind our work.

Bibbentuckers Environmental/Green Initiatives

Bibbentuckers uses environmentally friendly solvents and soaps for cleaning clothes.  We always look forgreen ideas, and therefore, we are now using new recycled hangers and poly bags (the plastic bags that cover your cleaning -- just to name a few. 

Bibbentuckers Community Giving and Service

Bibbentuckers has partnered with hundreds of Dallas & Fort Worth area charities and nonprofits, and is a proud sponsor of Attitudes & Attire. Please donate your gently used professional clothing and accessories at any Bibbentuckers location. 

— What makes us different? —

Bibbentuckers provide advanced dry cleaning services for our customers in the Dallas an Fort Worth Metroplex.  This is the company where you can get high-quality Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services for all of your clothing.

Founded by seasoned executives from dry cleaning, technology and financial industries, Bibbentuckers operates on the premise that we should be the best cleaners in the Dallas an Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our Advantages

Master Professionals - Our Experts will determine the complexity of contamination and choose the best option to make the garment look as new as possible 

High-quality eco-friendly materials - Our Experts will remove contamination without harm to clothing and the environment.

Accurate compliance with deadlines - We perform work on time, strictly on the agreed deadline.

Convenient locations - All of our stores are easy to access with free parking or you can use the drive-up and drop-off service.

Convenient methods of payment.

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