Laundry Time for Different Fabrics

A little know-how about laundry can help extend the shelf life of your favorite clothes. When the word laundry comes to our mind, we think of stuffing the washing machine with clothes. Furthermore, most of us know the basic regimen of laundry time, which involves a washing machine, some dirty clothes, a detergent, and a fabric softener.  However, different clothes are made of different fabrics, and different fabrics need to be washed and dried in different ways.

We are surrounded by clothes in our living space. Examples are rugs, curtains, bed sheets, quilts, bath towels, and the clothes that we wear. Dust, grease, stains, and sweat are absorbed by these fabrics.  And thus, the fabrics become a medium for bacteria and fungus to grow.  Moreover, depending on the fabric, some need Laundry time to be cleaned more frequently.  Others can wait for longer periods before cleaning.  Finally, if you know these fine details well, you can not only keep your clothes clean but also can extend their shelf life.

Washing Different Clothing

How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics
  1. Acetate: Hand Wash — Air Dry.
  2. Cotton: Hot Water Wash — Tumble Dry Warm.
  3. Linen: Cool Water Wash — Air Dry.
  4. Polyester: Cool Water Wash — Tumble Dry Warm or Air Dry.
  5. Silk: Hand Wash or Cool Warm Wash — Tumble Dry Cool or Air Dry.
  6. Spandex: Hand Wash — Air Dry.
  7. Wool: Hand Wash — Air Dry.

Hopefully, this information will help you save energy, time, and money, and provide the correct method to do your laundry.  However, if you want to ensure your laundry gets washed correctly, just bring it to any of the Bibbentuckers stores.

Article courtesy and used by permission from Karen Smith of Love2Launrdy.