Spring Cleaning – Winter Clothing

Spring Cleaning - sweatersThe weather is warm, the trees are green, and it’s time to put your summer wardrobe front and center. But what about those winter clothes? When you are switching out your clothes, remember that the key to maintaining your winter wardrobe. The key is to have items professionally cleaned and stored properly. What does that entail?

 First, make sure that your dry cleaner has knowledge of the various fabric cleaning requirements. You don’t want to trust your expensive winter clothing to just anyone. Second, make sure you have an option to store the clothing in appropriate bags. Choosing to store your winter clothes in the typically provided garment film bags can be disastrous. Why?

 Standard garment film bags used by dry cleaners contain the anti-oxidant butylated hydroxyl tolune (BHT). When BHT comes in contact with impurities in the air and then meets the moisture in your clothes, it can form a yellow stain that will transfer to the fabric. Choosing to leave them in the standard bags can cause mildew and staining. Therefore, you should remove your clothing from the garment film and dispose of them properly, such as through our recycling program.

 So what options do you have when you want to store clothing for a season? Bibbentuckers utilizes specialty bags for storing garments. These bags do not trap moisture, do not contain BHT, and also repel moths. They ensure safe storage for your winter clothes until worn the next time.


Also, if you need to dispose of hangers or boxes, we provide recycling for these items in addition to the standard dry cleaning bags. We are dedicated to providing recycling services to honor our clients with the same commitment. In addition to reusing all the hangers that are brought in through our program, we donate all cardboard boxes to Treehugger Boxes and are an active participant in the FabriClean Supply Poly Recycling Program, which allows us to take 100% of the garment film we collect to be recycled into other plastic products.

 Every ton of garment film collected helps save the equivalent of:

  •  17 trees
  •  380 gallons of oil
  •  7000 gallons of water
  •  4100 kilowatt hours of energy
  •  89 cubic feet of landfill space

 When you decide to organize your closet space and store your winter clothes, remember Bibbentuckers. We are dedicated to ensuring your garments are stored properly so that they are ready to wear in the “next” winter. Furthermore, we provide recycling programs that support earth-friendly practices and give you a green option for disposing of extra hangers, boxes and garment film. To learn more, please visit our website.